Enabling the Future of Proactive Care

Using the latest innovations in privacy-respecting IoT sensors and AI to provide a new level of quality of care.


Come see Calumino at the Sensors Expo & Conference 2019

We are officially launching our CTS Evaluation Kits and our Eve IoT solution at the San Jose Sensors Expo and Conference on the 26 June 2019.

Join us at the industry’s “largest event dedicated to sensors, connectivity, and IoT” – Sensors Expo & Conference.

We will be exhibiting at Booth #1043


Showcase video of Eve Care at the 9th Australian Healthcare week 2019

International Soft Launch of Eve, 2019



Eve provides 24/7 attentiveness to every resident

Eve provides instant fall detection, visitor, activity and well-being data as well as transparency into quality of care. Unlike invasive CCTV cameras, the system can be easily installed in health, aged and home care facilities, providing a non-intrusive and non-wearable solution without compromising residents' privacy.


Features of Eve


Benefits of Eve


Privacy Protection

Eve detects heat signatures and cannot identify individuals. Furthermore, Eve has no microphones and therefore cannot breach privacy by listening to conversations


Enhanced Quality of Care

Providing never-before-seen insight into resident wellbeing, activity patterns and visitor data


Real Time Fall Detection

Reduce the impact, severity and cost of fall-related injuries through immediate response times


Increased Safety

Detecting immediate hazardous situations such as unusual hotspots, fires and water leaks


Immediate information

By having real-time information on the activity and wellbeing of residents


Reduced Costs

By increasing operational efficiency and flawless integration into existing IT infrastructure


 Eve Provides Insights for Proactive Care


Eve establishes a centralised information and communications platform for transparency in quality of care.

The dashboard presents carers with wellness summaries by collecting residents' unique routine and behavioural patterns to support a Proactive Care model.


Tailoring Care


The insights provided by Eve Care assist carers in creating care plans for residents with dementia and Alzheimer's 


Eve senses the location of residents, using ai computer vision to identify the patterns in resident routines, having the potential to identify conditions like 'sundowning' in residents with dementia.

Eve will flag unusual or unsafe activities and will send a timely notification to carers. 


Easy integration into nurse call & messaging platforms

Complement and enhance your workflow by effortlessly integrating Eve into existing IT infrastructures.




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